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What’s New For El3ven11 In 2022!

Hello Kings and Queens, My name is Bridgette Craighead (soon to be Mrs. Payne on 11/11/22) and I’m the owner of El3ven11 Beauty Lounge located in Rocky Mount, Virginia. I opened up my salon during the pandemic in 2020 and have currently been operating a little over a year. I named my salon El3ven11,because I believe that Our Creator speaks to us through signs and numbers. If you look up the meaning of 1111 Angel Number, it’s basically speaks of how you should change your mindset to think positive, your mind being a gateway or doorway of opportunities. Literally you can turn your thoughts (positive or negative) into reality quickly and that’s what I did. Every time I saw 1111, I use to speak Positive with good intentions everything I wanted my salon to be and it all came into fruition. Please believe me when I say manifestation is REAL! Try it! If you need help I will be gladly to teach you.

Now that I have manifested my salon late 2020, the following year 2021 came around I decided to run for the Virginia House of Delegates, that was not in my plans...But GOD *praise break! God have a way of giving you what you want plus more when you have pure good intentions and believe what you want is already yours. So the whole time I’m running for office I’m running my salon not mention being a mom and fiancé! My hands were full and I was doing the bare minimum to run my salon. The Election ended November 2nd and I lost to what I call a ”little baby Trump” (that’s right I said it a baby Trump) but that’s another story for another day.

I promise myself in year 2022 that I will always advocate for truth, but I will put more energy into building my small business since I neglected her (yes El3ven11 is a she!). In 2022 we will be more engaged on social media, of course continous education sharpening our skills, and giving back to our community. We are commitment to staying up to date and providing the best care for our guest. I don’t know who is reading this but I do want to say thank you to my clients! You all mean so much to me and I love you! I’m looking forward to serving you as well as new clients this year!

Before I end this, We are offering free facial wax and facial cleansing the whole month of January. Also we will be offering a braid class a date will be posted in the near future. Stay tune to future events, services, and products this year! Happy New Year 2👁22!

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